Indian Custard - Phirni

 We all would have experienced the yellowish rich creamy custard served with fresh fruits or set as pudding which relishes our appetite.

These custards are only tastier when it accompanies the fruits or sponges or short crust, but the Indian custard called Phirni itself is a dessert and does not require any accompaniment.

The rich blended sweet will talk about the traditions & Culture of India.

How its made?

The rich rice (Basmathi/Zeera) is soaked for 3 - 4 hours and ground smooth & soft by adding water, this rice paste is cooked in a slow flame by addition of milk and when they are slowly thickening the mixture is mixed in with the condensed milk or white sugar, for flavor either cardamom powder or rose water is added, served warm or chilled garnished pistachio nuts & rose petals.

It is generally served when spicy hot Biryanis with larger meat portions are offered.